I was a PhD student at the Visual Computing Group at the University of Konstanz, Germany. My first advisor was Prof. Oliver Deussen. My main research interests are Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I was developing the painting robot e-David since my time as an undergraduate and I wrote my PhD thesis about the system. The focus hereby lied on researching optimization algorithms based on visual feedback that enables the machine to create paintings after an input image or target function. More information can be found on the project website.

e-David Project
The vision behind e-David is to build a painting machine that mimics human painters and distributes real paint on a canvas. e-David (acronym for: Electronic Drawing Apparatus for Vivid Interactive Display) is an ordinary industrial welding robot, which typically is used for manufacturing cars. We combine the machine with sensors, a camera and control computer.

Here is a video showing e-David in action:

e-David Robot Painting from e-David on Vimeo.

Since 2018 Software engineer at Daimler Protics GmbH
2012 - 2018 Research assistant and PhD student at University of Konstanz

Since 2012 PhD student, chair for Computer Graphics and Media Informatics at the University of Konstanz
2010 – 2012 Master of Science in Information Engineering, Visual Computing
2005 – 2010 Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering

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Hardware-Based Non-Photorealistic Rendering Using a Painting Robot
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Visual Analytics of Terrorist Activities Related to Epidemics
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2011 IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST)

Teaching Assistant
I gave several exercise courses during my time as a PhD student: